Our Team was co-founded by Hong Ding and Atul Kapadia and is located in Silicon Valley. The founding team consists of top technologists with seasoned experience in AI, Big Data and Cloud and brings more than 100 years of combined product development and customer serving experience.

Hong Ding

Co-founder and CEO of

Ph.D in Computer Engineering, specialized in AI, big data, cloud and SaaS services. Former CEO and co-founder of startup Esgyn. Former business CTO and Sr Director of Engineering in Hewlett-Packard for 18 years.

Atul Kapadia

Co-founder & Chairman of

M.S. Algorithms, MBA Stanford. Engineering at Sun, Cadence. Venture capital career – 65 investments, 23 IPOs, 27 M&A and 15 write-offs. Managed venture fund with $1.6B under management.

About Us

An Insight Technology Company

We work to help research and insight professionals drive faster product innovation and more intelligent brand marketing by using our technology to better understand their target constituents and serve their communities.

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AI/NLP Software Engineer

UI/UX Consultant

Sr. SaaS System Engineer



Every decision maker in the world is empowered with superior insight through technology that helps them understand the truest nature of the problem to be solved better, smarter and faster.


An AI driven insight technology company that empowers its users to develop insights from unstructured data and accelerates the paradigm shift towards insight-based enterprise culture and business benefits.


Funded by leading Investors The CXO Fund and GRIL Ventures. CXO is an early stage VC with over a 100+ executives (“CxOs”) to fuel innovative companies that disrupt large addressable markets.


Co-founded by Hong Ding and Atul Kapadia. Together with the rest of the founding members, the core team has:

100+ Years of Experience

More than 100 years of Experience in Innovation and Client Services.

Fortune 100 Careers

Successful career histories in Fortune 100 and start-ups zero-to-one scaling.